The 2017 Fall Fest took us through time with the theme, Adventure Through Time. Fall Festival was held at Villanova University between Friday, November 10th – Sunday, November 12th. Fall Fest started with the Unified Fall Fest Torch Run, kicking off at Citizen’s Bank Park and weaving through the city for a mid-way stop at the Philadelphia Museum of Art before finally heading to Villanova for Opening Ceremonies. Opening Ceremonies took athletes through a time portal and sent them back in time as they would travel through time to see different eras at the various venues on campus. Athletes were given pocketwatches and as they ventured through time, received a stamp to signify the various eras they have seen.

This year, Fall Fest had special guests who visited various venues and were headliners for Closing Ceremonies. Those guests included two Special Olympics International staff members, Mary Davis, CEO, and Soeren Palumbo, Senior Director, Global Youth Engagement. During the weekend, Philadelphia athletes participated in bocce, soccer, and volleyball.

In addition to the regular Closing Ceremonies, athletes and teams were picked for both the 2018 USA Games and 2019 World Games. Celebrate the moments. Our Victories are Timeless.


For photos of the event by Dane Hildebrand, click this link.


Bocce Team 1 Kirstyn Cantres & Eddie Glover 4th Place
Bocce Team 2  Sharon Quarles & John Kulpa 2nd Place
Bocce Team 3 Pam Galone & Kevin Karcher  2nd Place

Individual Skills Michael Younkers – Anthony Silverstra – Dante Rodgers – Coach: Stacy Plumbo

Team Name Athletes Coach Place
Philly Stars & Strips (5v5) Ian Capacio, Allison Davidson, Danny Amrik, Jackie Lutts, Emmett Abdo, Lisa Barbour, Kristie Walls, Michael Weinberg, David Brent Williams Charles Abdo Place
Philly Strykers (7v7) Joseph Rynkiowicz, Mathew Grabowski, Ryan Bogan, Brian Stulz, Angel Rodriguez, Charles Zisette, Daniel Charlton, Ronald Atkins, Samuel Fioravanti Jr, Jason Bixby, Jesse Rose, Matthew Beckman Coach Place

Individual Skills 

Joseph Barut – 1st Place

Cyla Bradshaw – 3rd Place

Coach: Monica Bradshaw


Team Players Coach Place
Philly Special Stars Mitchell Stahl, Derrick Jackson, Stanley Dluzniewski, Raymond Anderson, Kelly Dluzniewski, James Shelton, Allison Rutizer, Francis Bradshaw, Jason Sorrino, Carlyn Robinson  Rosemary Duffy 3rd Place