The 2014 USA Games took place all over central New Jersey from Saturday, June 14 to Saturday, June 21, 2014. Venues were located at Princeton University, Rider University, The College of New Jersey (TCNJ), Mercer County Park, Brunswick Zone – Carolier, The Hun School, The Lawrenceville School, The Peddie School, Prudential Center, and the Sun National Bank Center. Special Olympics Pennsylvania athletes participate in USA Games competitions.  The USA Games, held in a different state every four years, draws 3,000 athletes, 1,000 coaches, 8,000 volunteers and 15,000 family members and friends to the event from across the nation.  The 2014 USA Games offered sporting competitions in basketball, bocce, track and field, softball and an introductory sport, flag football.




Jackie Lutts

  • 100 Meters – 2nd
  • 4×1 Relay – 2nd
  • Long Jump – 2nd
  • Shot Put – 3rd

Tamika Newkirk

  • 100 Meter Run – 5th
  • 4×1 Relay – 2nd
  • Shot Put – 7th
  • Long Jump – 3rd

Sharon Quarles

  • Softball Throw – 3rd
  • 100 Walk – Participation
  • 50 Walk – 2nd
 Michael Walker

  • Softball Throw – 3rd
  • 100 Walk – 3rd
  • Standing Long Jump – 3rd

James Barbour

  • 200 Yd Breaststroke – 1 st
  • 4×100 Medley Relay – 4th
  • 100 Yd Breaststroke – 1st
  • 100 Yd Freestyle – 3rd

Philadelphia Phlams – 4th

Ryan Bogan, Matt Grabowski, Derrick Jackson, Vernon Mayfield, Angel Rodriguez, Joe Rynkiewicz, Mitchell Stahl, Brian Stulz, Corey Sweet, Charlie Zisette

Head Coach Stacey Plumbo

Assistant Coach Justin Beattie, Assistant Coach Rosemary Duffy

Philadelphia Panthers – 1st

Kwante Crummy, Tyrell Hargrave, Michael Henderson, Nakisha Johnson, Sharod King, Demetrius LeFlore, Ben Liken, Christopher Ray, Paris Wallace

Head Coach Myra Asburry

Assistant Coach Beverly Liken

Bocce Singles

Siobhan Driscoll – 3rd

William Celmer – 3rd

BOCCE Doubles

William Celmer & Siobhan Driscoll – 4th


William Celmer, Siobhan Driscoll, Andrea Andrews (Columbia Montour), Heather Sutton (Westmoreland) – 2nd

Unified Soccer

Philadelphia Eagles – 2nd

  • Athletes: Perla Ayala, Brandon Santo,s Dion Santos, Dadly Thenor, Nina Gaeta, Ayodeji Obisanya
  • Partners: Harry Hua, James Bade, Ashley Schwiker
  • Head Coach: John Creighton
  • Assistant Coaches: Sarah Shields, Yvonne Schwiker

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