On Thursday, December 10th, Special Olympics Philadelphia held its 1st Elementary and Middle School Bocce Tournament. Twenty teams made up of over 100 students from Penrose, Austin Meehan Middle School, and Universal Daroff Charter participated in what was sure to be remembered event. The energy and excitement level rival a Friday night football game. Athletes and partners alike, cheered on each other as awards were handed out. Austin Meehan swept the top three spots in the middle school competition. Penrose took home first at the elementary level while Universal Daroff Charter rounded the medals out with silver and bronze. We are looking forward to next year’s competition already.

Huge thank you to Penrose Elementary School for hosting this historic event! Thank you to all of the coaches and principals from Penrose, Austin Meehan and Universal Daroff as well as the Philadelphia School District for your continued support and for helping make this dream a reality! An additional thank you to all of the volunteers who helped run this event!