Special Olympics PA – Philadelphia held their 29th Annual Bowling Tournament on Sunday, February 25th at Erie Lanes in Philadelphia. Over 125 athletes brought their A-Game to Erie Lanes with hopes to advance to the 2018 Eastern Bowling Sectional on Sunday, March 25th in Allentown, PA. Opening Ceremonies kicked off the event with athlete, Lisa Barbour acting as the day’s emcee. Angie Smith joined Barbour during Opening Ceremonies to lead her fellow athletes in the athlete oath of “Let me win. If I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt.” Special guest, Joe Conklin, entertained athletes, volunteers, families, and friends with his many voice impersonations. If you closed your eyes during his segment, you would believe the individuals he was impersonating were really there. Before Barbour officially kicked off the event, the torch, representing the Flame of Hope was brought in by South Philadelphia athletes, Bianca Pedulla and June Ruffenach

After Opening Ceremonies, athletes split from their teams and went to the lane they would be competing in. Throughout the morning, there were many strikes and spares. The athletes showed really showed their skills when their first ball left them with a split. Each athlete played three games to make up their final score. 

Thank you to our volunteers who made this event run smoothly! Erie Bowling Lanes, Frankford JROTC, Buholme Ambulance, National Health Corps Philadelphia, Drexel University’s Alpha Sigma Alpha, Andersen Tax, Temple University students. An additional thank you to our amazing coaches who help our athletes prepare for competition week after week and for the family and friends who joined us who give our athletes all the support. 

Bowling Lane
Athletes Representing

V&S Lanes

Barbara Guyton

Kendall Battles, Ruth El, Armand Garcia, Christine Guyton, Wesley Hicks, Thomas Miller, Shawn Moton, Kyle Kyle McCutcheon, Kory McCutcheon, Kyle Sheaff, Stephon Price-Wright

Erie Lanes

HC: Miguel Diaz, AC: Marian Zakrocki

Ray Anderson, Gina Anderson, Porsha Blake, Keith Collins, Manny Cook, Maria Coyle, Michael Czekaj, Nicholas Fontanez, Marlene Johnson, John Kulpa, Sara Lyons, Sharon Quarles, Dennis Ramos, Eugene Riley, Jeremiah Spruilli, Sheila Stephens, Joan Vargas-Rosado, Edmund Zkrocki

PEP Bowl

HC: Kevin McGlinchey, Sal Fellicetti, Alfonso Pedulla, Mark Moss

Victoria Amaradio, Brianna Cimini, Michael DiAntonio, Kevin Domard, Christian Fantazzi, Matthew Flood, Matthew Francis, James Fratantoni, Shawn Gallo, Maria Guarino, Nicco Guarino, Nasheem Kennedy, Joseph Keyser, Izzy Kurtz, Jasmin Marin, Bianca Pedulla, Joseph Polizzi, Luciano Procopio, Trisitan Richetti, Dante Rodgers, June Ruffenach, Briana Saunders, Christopher Sferra, CJ Voegtle, Michael Voegtle, Michael Younkers

Thunderbird Lanes I

HC: Mary Ellen Zisette

John Abbott, Teddy Angerman, James Barbour, Lisa Barbour, Ryan Bogan, Kristyn Cantres, Danny Charlton, JJ Costello, Jamie Curry, Stephan Dacyna, Allee Davidson, Genine DeNofa, Christina DiVergilis, Stanley Dluzniewski, Michael Esposito, Chris Feltwell, Vincent Filograna, Paul Fischer, Irwin Fox, Pam Galone, Meghan Garlick, Mitchell Gaskins, Eddie Glover, Matt Grabowski, Jason Green, Kevin Karcher, Brenndin Lagomarsino, Robert Lehr, Michael Marshall, Tracey McGarvey, John Mitchell, Katie Moore, Michael Mullin, Miachel O’Donnell, Jessie Rose, Charles Rueter, Allison Rutizer, Ailvia Sciarra, Brian Stulz, Kristie Walls, Jennifer Wetzel, Joseph Yerkes, Brian Ziegler, Charles Ziesette Jr

Thunderbird Lanes II

HC: Gennie Devlin, AC: Stan Barndt

Russell Barndt, Christine Benoit, Kaitlin Berkauzer, Michael Castillo, Christina Comerford, Darius Daniels, William Devlin Jr, Jeffrey Dornblaser, Robert Duffy, Joshua Gaskins, Kelsey Grindrod, Matthew Kosman, Jaryd Lee, Joseph Lestochi, Jenna Morse, Erin Murphy, Margie Ramos, Lamont Royals, Angie Smith, William Strauser, Kevin Turowski, Kayla Walter, Rachel Watson



1st Place

Vincent Filograna, Jaryd Lee, Kevin Domard, Angela Smith, Jason Green, Kyle Sheaf, Christian Fantazzi, Matthew Flood, Shawn Moton, Shawn Gallo, Jenna Morse, Kelsey Grindrod, Kayla Walter, John Vargas Rosado, Marie Coyle, Porsha Blake, Gennie De Nofa, June Ruffenach, Bianca Pedulla, Kristie Walls, Edmund Zakrocki, Robert Duffy, Russell Brandt, Ryan Bogan, Christopher Fenwell, Robert Lehr, Dan Charlton, Manny Cook, Eddie Glover, Eugene Riley, Wesley Hicks, James Fratazzi, Kaitlin Berkayzer, Katie Moore, Shelia Stevens, Sara Lyons

2nd Place

Michael Mullin, Michael Marshall, Stanley Dluzniewski, Bryan Ziegler, Michael Castillo, Stephan Price-Wright, C.J. Voegtle, Michael Voegtle, Matthew Francis, Kyle McCutchen, Christina Comerford, Pamela Galone, Jennifer Wetzel, Lisa Barbour, Tori Amaradio, Alivia Sciarra, Brianna Cimini, Kirstyn Cantres, Erin Murphy, Kendal Battles, William Devlin, Matthew Kosman, John Kulpa, Brenndin Lagomarsino, Michael Esposito, Raymond Anderson, Charles Zisette, Paul Fischer, Kevin Karciter, Jesse Rose, Joseph Lestochi, Joshua Gaskin, Sharon Quarles, Allison Rutizer, Kory McCutchen

3rd Place

Michael Younkers, John Mitchell, Keith Collins, Irwin Fox, James Barbour, Nicholas Fontanez, Christopher Sferrav, Michael Czerkaj, Mitchell Gaskins, Armand Garcia, Luciano Procopio, Joseph Polizzi, Lamont Royals, Dante Rodgers, Briana Saunders, Tristan Richetti, Meghan Garlick, Christina DiVergiles, Tracey McGarvey, Christine Benoit, Rachel Watson, Marlene Johnson, Ruth El, Jasmin Marin, Jeffery Dornblaser, Brian Stulz, Michael O’Donnell, William Strauser, Jay Costello, Charles Ruetter, Stephan Dacyna, Joey Keyser, Matthew Grabowski, Darius Daniels, Ted Angerman, Joseph Yerkes, James Curry, Christine Guyton





The first Philly Plunge makes a big splash! The plunge took place on Friday, December 4, 2015 outside of Drexel University’s Fitness Plaza in University City Philadelphia.  A total of four plunges were held on this day including a Cool Schools Plunge, for high schools participating in Special Olympics PA’s Interscholastic Unified Sports (10:00am-12:00pm), a Business Plunge for business executives (12:00pm to 2:00pm), a General Public (5:00pm – 7:00pm), and a University Plunge for individuals affiliated with a college or university (7:00pm to 9:00pm).  The inaugural Philadelphia Plunge hosted more than 300 plungers and raised more than $60,000

Each group brought an extraordinary amount of energy with them to the plunge. It was hard to miss this outside event as the plunges started. If you were walking by Drexel’s Fitness Plaza, you would hear cheering and screams from participants as they popped up from under the chilly waters. Participants and spectators alike took to cheering on plungers as one-by-one they did a cannonball, a screwdriver, or just plain jumped in. As plungers came out of the pool, they were chilly, yet eager to watch other plungers take the cold jump.

Our Cool Schools Plunge hosted 5 schools who participate in our Interscholastic Unified Sports program along with staff from the School District of Philadelphia show their support in this chilly event. Our Business Plunge was emceed by comedian Joe Conklin who entertained our executive participants during their luncheon with special guest appearance by Former Philadelphia Eagles Coach, Dick Vermeil. The University Plunge got a special treat with Drexel University’s Head Basketball Coach, Bruiser Flint making remarks prior to students and staff members affiliated with a university taking the plunge.

During the Plunge, plungers warmed up by participating in a Unified Sports Experience, playing recreational bocce and/or volleyball with Special Olympics athletes. While waiting to plunge, participants also had the opportunity to snap pictures at the plunge photo booth and take photos with the official Philadelphia Plunge Polar Bear, “Chilladelphia.” For pictures, click the Plunge you are looking for: Cool Schools Plunge, Business Plunge, General Plunge, University Plunge

Huge thank you to all of our sponsors and partners, participants, volunteers and staff members who made this inaugural Philadelphia Polar Plunge a great success. We look forward to having a bigger and better #PhillyPlunge next year!

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MedFest at Drexel University is Thursday, March 27, 2014

MedFest at Drexel University will be held at the Armory (3205 Lancaster Ave, Philadelphia, PA 19104)  between 8:00 am – 2:00 pm on Thursday, March 27.

What is MedFest?
MedFest offers Special Olympics Programs a fast and effective way to recruit new athletes and retain existing athletes by offering free sports screenings. Screenings will assess blood pressure, temperature, pulse, height, weight, body mass index, vision, medical history, potential medication side effects, and general physical health.
Why are MedFests important?
It is sometimes the first exposure these athletes have to medical care. In many cases, life-threatening conditions have been found and subsequently treated thanks to MedFest. Led by volunteer physicians, nurses, physician assistants, and medical students, the MedFest screening consists of the following stations: medical history, height and weight, blood pressure, cardiology test, musculoskeletal test, orthopedic tests, abdominal evaluation, and a check-out station.
Volunteers are still needed! If you are or know of any physicians, physician assistants, residents, nurse practitioners, nurses, nursing students, medical students, EKG technicians, or Cardiologists who are interested in volunteering for a few hours on Thursday, please click on one of the following:
Medical Professionals / Med Students
Non-Medical Volunteers
For further information, please contact Michelle Cordell at mcordell@specialolympicspa.org.