La Salle University hosted the 2018 Winter Dance for Special Olympics PA – Philadelphia athletes and their families on Saturday, February 24th. As athletes and their families walked into the winter dance, they were transported into a winter wonderland with winter decorations, festive music, and the smell of delicious refreshments filled the air. Athletes and students filled the dance floor as the electric slide, the cupid shuffle, and much more filled the room with music made for dancing. The dance floor was fun for everyone from jumping and dancing to playing keep it up with balloons. The big hit of the day was the photo booth! Students, athletes, coaches, and families lined up to get their pictures taken! Props, funny faces, smiles, and lots of laughs were captured by the camera. After some dancing, photo taking and fun, athletes and students caught their breath by sitting around tables and snacking on refreshments while chatting. The hall grew louder and louder as excitement grew for upcoming events and getting to know each other better! After taking a quick break, everyone was back up and hitting the dance floor and the photobooth again.  As the dance started to come to an end, we all crowded around for some announcements, but none of us wanted it to leave! The Winter dance was a success, to say the least, and La Salle is excited to host a dance again next year!

Photos from the 2018 Winter Dance