Fall Sports Season Sign-Up’s


     Fall Sports Sign-ups

  May 15 – June 15, 2023




Step 1:  Select your Region & Sport
  • Select the Region where you live and browse the list of sports available to take the next step in your Special Olympics journey.
    • Philadelphia is Region 6
Step 2:  Fill Out the Sports Interest Form 
  • Click on your desired sport and fill out the interest form!
  • Note to Athletes: You can sign up for more than one sport
  • You must complete a sign up for each sport you are interested in participating


PRE-SEASON SPORT SIGN-UP’S ARE NOW REQUIRED in order to participate, volunteer or coach!

As we begin our Spring Season planning we invite all athletes, unified partners and volunteers/coaches to SIGN-UP TODAY!

  • ANY Athlete or Unified Partner that intends to train and/or compete MUST now complete an online Sign-up Form for each sport per season. (FALL, WINTER AND SPRING SEASON) 
  • ANY Volunteer/Coach that intends on participating / coaching MUST also complete an online Spring Sports Sign-up Form for each sport per season.  
  • This will help us plan ahead and prevent any last minute issues that arise during the training season.  (Example: expired athlete medicals, coaches expired certifications etc.)
  • This will also help us to ensure we have a sufficient number of volunteer/ coaches to accommodate all athletes per site.  
  • Sign-up Forms will available at least a 1- month prior to start date of each season sport for you to complete.  
  • Athletes, If you plan to participate in more than one sport within the same season, you will simply sign up for each of those sports individually.  
  • By signing up, we are able to improve the experience of the athletes and volunteers by being better prepared.

If you have questions or comments please feel free to email Michelle Cordell at mcordell@specialolympicspa.org. (This includes current and new athletes)