Commit to Fit Journey

Throughout the pandemic, Special Olympics PA has launched Commit to Fit, a series of at-home workouts to keep our athletes engaged and healthy. One of our athletes, Lisa Barbour, has taken part in our Commit to Fit program and has seen great results while meeting her goals! Below, Lisa shares her Commit to Fit Journey.

Lisa writes:

Before starting Commit to Fit

My name is Lisa Barbour I am a Special Olympics PA – Philadelphia athlete. I started doing at-home training so that I could continue working on my sports training.  I also wanted to lose weight and build up my endurance. I wanted to help myself be healthier and last longer in the game. I am also, doing the Fitness Stride Challenge with my sister, Michelle.

I originally signed myself up for the Stride Challenge for 25 miles. Recently, Michelle and I did Healthy Lifestyles Athlete training, so I could become a Health and Fitness Coordinator. That was when Michelle heard about the Stride Challenge. I told her that I was already signed up. Michelle said that we could still do it as a unified team.  She said we could do 200 miles. My reply to her was “200 Miles! I don’t think I can do that much plus my 25”.  My sister, Michelle said I think you can.  Remember you walk your dog, Khalessi at least 2 to 3 miles a day.  My sister walks her dog, Roper, every day as well as part of our challenge.  As I write this today, November 16th we have only 60 miles left to meeting our goal of 200.  I am so excited and proud of myself for taking on this challenge.

As a result of doing this Fitness Stride Challenge and at-home sports training, I have beat my personal best for the 10-meter soccer dribble going from 12 seconds to now being able to do it within 9 seconds.  I also lost weight, a total of 23 pounds and I am in better shape and I feel great!  I feel healthier and I can’t wait for the Heptathlon Challenge to start so that I can do more work-outs and training.  Commit to Fit is awesome!

Today. My soccer jersey no longer fits. I went from a size XL to M!