2019 Area M Fall Classic

The 2019 Area M Fall Classic was held by Special Olympics PA – Area M’s local program on Sunday, September 15th. Philadelphia joined twenty other counties to participate in bocce and soccer. Area M also offered competition in long-distance running/walking, powerlifting, and flag football

The day started with Opening Ceremonies, run by Area M’s Athlete Leadership Team (ALT). The Athlete Leadership Team consists of athletes who want a more leadership role in the organization and bring feedback from their team to coaches and the management team and assist with planning events, and in this case, Opening Ceremonies! When athletes weren’t competing, you could find them having lunch at the Hershey High School cafeteria, at the Italian Lodge in Hershey, hanging out in Olympic Village, having cotton candy or a milkshake to celebrate the day in the Breeze Way Tent, or hanging out with DJ Tommy who kept the mood festive. 

Thank you to Area M for hosting us and congratulations on 16 years of the Area M Fall Classic!




Coaches: Michelle Angerman & Carole Canady

Pam Galone & Kevin Karcher 1st
Kirstyn Cantres & Christina DiVergilis 1st
Tracey McGarvey & Alivia Sciarra 1st


Team Players Coaches Place
United Strykers (7v7) Joseph Rynkiewicz, Matthew Grabowski, Ryan Bogan, Brian Stulz, Angel Rodriguez, Charles Zisette, Danny Charlton, Sam Fiorvanti Jr, Carl Irvis, Jesse Rose, Jason Bixby, Michael Castillo, Matthew Beckman Ryan Milaniak, Walt Beckman, Sam Fioravanti Sr, Linda Rose 2nd
Stars and Stripes (5v5) Allison Davidson, Jackie Lutts, Danny Amrik, Emmett Abdo, Heather Lutts, Lisa Barbour, Kristie Walls, Eddie Glover Gary Bixby, Jacqueline Bixby 2nd