2018 Summer Games

More than 2,000 athletes descended upon Special Olympics PA‘s 49th Annual Summer Games at Penn State University from Thursday, May 31st to Saturday, June 2nd to compete in aquatics, athletics, basketball, bowling, equestrian, golf, gymnastics, softball and tennis. Philadelphia sent a delegation of 64 athletes to compete in athletics, aquatics, basketball, basketball skills, bowling, and gymnastics after weeks of training. 

To advance to Summer Games, athletes compete for at least 8 weeks and qualify from local competitions and sectional events. Our Philadelphia athletes qualified for Summer Games through the Eastern Bowling Sectional, Eastern Spring Sectional (athletics, aquatics, and basketball), or the Philadelphia Gymnastics tournament. Athletes are guided by their coaches, and assistant coaches and supported throughout the season by their family and friends.

When athletes arrived, some sports participated in preliminary competition to determine their weekend schedule. Athletes then grabbed some dinner and prepared for Opening Ceremonies. The Opening Ceremonies started with the Parade of Athletes where athlete Jackie Lutts carried in the Philadelphia banner along with Head of Delegation, Rosemary Duffy. Included in Opening Ceremonies were many welcoming remarks from various members of the Penn State community, spectacular performances and an celebratory introduction to Team PA who will represent Pennsylvania at the 2018 USA Games in Seattle, Washington.

After a remarkable Opening Ceremonies, our athletes got to rest before intense competition started. On Friday, our athletes headed to their respective venues to compete and show Penn State what they have been training for. Our athletes shone on the track, in the field, in the pool, on the court, in the lanes, and in the gym. After a day of long, intense competition, athletes enjoyed a sports festival and dance where they could kick back and enjoy time with friends.

Saturday we saw final competition for many of our athletes and got to see the joy on our athletes’ faces when they received their ribbons or awards they earned throughout the weekend. We loved watching our brave, inspiring Special Olympics athletes fall in love with sports all over again.

We would like to extend a huge thank you to all of our coaches who have prepared our athletes for this event with endless hours of training and support and our families who continue to offer support and guidance off the playing field.


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Athlete Event Time/Distance Place
Raymond Anderson 50M Walk :17.10 2nd
  100M Walk :32.30 2nd
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 880 2nd
Keith Collins 50M Walk :26.60 2nd
  100M Walk :55.00 5th
  Softball Throw 2158 1st
Emmanuel Cook 50M Walk :21.70 2nd
  100M Walk :46.80 2nd
  Softball Throw
Michael Earland III 100M Dash :14.79 4th
  200M Dash :30.25 2nd
  Long Jump 408 1st
Eddie Glover 50M Walk :31.10 1st
  100M Walk 1:11.30 2nd
  Softball Throw 1315 5th
Tyrell Hargrave 100M Dash :15.58 1st
  200M Dash :31.34 2nd
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 270 1st
Kendall Harris-Burton 100M Dash :15.30 3rd
  200M Dash :30.01 2nd
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 407 2nd
Wesley Hicks 50M Walk :21.27 1st
  100M Walk :43.73 5th
  Softball Throw 1054 3rd
John Kulpa 100M Dash :16.30 4th
  200M Dash :34.23 5th
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 729 5th
Isabel Kurtz 25M Dash :11.40 1st
  50M Dash :16.10 4th
  Softball Throw 618 5th
Sharon Quarles 50M Walk 17.30 3rd
  100M Walk :40.40 1st
  Softball Throw 1304 2nd
Eugene Riley 50M Walk :17.00 1st
  100M Walk :34.10 3rd
  Softball Throw 2250 1st
Sheila Stevens 50M Walk :22.20 2nd
  Softball Throw 849 1st
Sadika Smith 100M Dash :17.15 2nd
  200M Dash :34.57 6th
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 378 3rd
Michael Walker 100M Walk :27.40 1st
  400M Walk 2:35.11 1st
  Shot Put (Men 4Kg) 553 1st

Coach: Miguel Diaz

Athlete Event Time Place
Joseph Barut 25M Freestyle :34.06 3rd Place
  50M Freestyle 1:25.16 8th Place
  50M Backstroke 1:56.59 5th Place
Edwin Ian Capacio 200M Butterfly 3:07.38 1st Place
  200M IM 3:07.07 1st Place
  800M Freestyle 12:51.28 2nd Place
Kelsey Greenewald 200M Backstroke 4:32.34 1st Place
  400M Freestyle 8:07.65 1st Place
  200M Freestyle 3:43.16 1st Place
Katelyn Joyce 100M Backstroke 2:26.55 4th Place
  50M Butterfly 1:21.09 2nd Place
  100M Freestyle 2:29.09 2nd Place
Jackie Lutts 400M Freestyle 9:08.16 2nd Place
  50M Freestyle :49.78 6th Place
  100M Backstroke 2:23.57 1st Place
David Norris 50M Freestyle :59.97 4th Place
  50M Backstroke 1:21.22 1st Place
  100M Freestyle 2:16.53 2nd Place
James Parfitt 100M Freestyle 1:27.62 2nd Place
  100M Backstroke 2:07.97 2nd Place
  400M Freestyle 7:21.97 2nd Place
Anthony Powell 50M Breaststroke 2:03.03 3rd Place
  50M Butterfly 2:04.03 1st Place
  50M Backstroke 1:48.00 2nd Place
Ramsey Robinson 25M Freestyle :24.03 2nd Place
  25M Backstroke :37.90 2nd Place
  50M Freestyle :54.13 1st Place

Coach: Karen Aviso

Team Athletes Coach Place
Philly Rebels (5v5)

Nyger Smith, Lavar Gladden, Davon Clements, Abdul Muhammad, Anthony Flanigan, Nicole Stanley, Denzel McFadden, Chris Ray, Michael Henderson

William Holman

2nd Place
Philly Dragons (5v5)

Matthew Everett, Brian Stulz, Charlie Zisette, Derrick Jackson, Mitchell Stahl, Corey Sweet, Benjamin Liken, Daniel Charlton, Carl Irvis, Jason Bixby

Jaclyn Bixby 2nd Place
All-Stars (5v5)

Samuel Fioravanti, Dionte Davis, Joshua Harris, William Strauser, Ronald Atkins Jr., Matthew Beckman, Stephen Helverson, Jaryd Lee, Arthur Church

Walter Beckman 2nd Place
Rebounders (3v3)

Zachary Hollinger, Francis Bradshaw, Lisa Barbour, Kelly Dluzniewski, Stanley Dluzniewski

Rosemary Duffy

4th Place
Basketball Skills

Cyla Bradshaw – 1st Place

Shane Darrah – 1st Place

Patrick Kulick – 3rd Place

Coach: Monica Bradshaw

Bowling: Singles

Porscha Blake – Score: 1282 – 5th Place

Coach: MaryEllen Zisette

Athlete Level Score Place
Luke Jones Level 2A – All Around   1st Place
Megan Murphy Level 3H – All Around 139.7 1st Place
GeSana Accooe Level 1A – All Around 100.4 3rd Place

Coach: Ariel Mankin