1st Philadelphia Gymnastics Meet

Special Olympics PA – Philadelphia held its 1st Philadelphia Gymnastics Meet on March 10, 2018, at Temple University’s Pearson-McGonigle Hall. Gymnasts from Bethlehem, Lebanon, Montgomery, and Philadelphia counties compete in Rhythmic, Men’s Artistic, and Women’s Artistic gymnastics. Rhythmic Gymnastics consists of four different floor exercises including a rope routine, hoop routine, ball or clubs routine and a ribbon routine. Women’s Artistic Gymnastics events include bars, beam, floor, and vault. Men’s Artistic Gymnastics includes floor, vault, high bar, rings, parallel bar, and pommel horse.  It was an exciting day of competition that started with an Opening Ceremony. After the Parade of Athlete, Philadelphia County athlete, Megan Murphy, sang the national anthem, Matthew Aaron, President and CEO of Special Olympics PA, and Umme Salim-Beasley, Temple University Women’s Gymnastics head coach offered words of wisdom and wished the athletes luck in this first annual meet. Prior to the official opening of competition, Hanna Gremo, Montgomery County athlete and USA Games team member,  carried in the Flame of Hope. NCAA Athletes from Temple University’s Women’s and Men’s gymnastics program served as volunteers and judges and were enthusiastic supporters of the over 60 Special Olympics athletes who participated. Congratulations to all athletes! 


Photo Credit: Rick Mankin

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Level C

23 & Under

  1. Kylie Diaz (Bethlehem)

24 – 29

  1. Nina Garcia (Montgomery)
  2. Mary Nolan (Montgomery)
  3. Helen Spiewak (Montgomery)

30 +

  1. Kim Frain (Bethlehem)
  2. Heather Gold (Bethlehem)
  3. Jaclyn Bothwell (Montgomery)
Level 1
  1. Kathleen Dezubay (Bethlehem)
  2. Amanda Reiss (Bethlehem)
  3. Dedra Sobol (Bethlehem)
Level 2
  1. Brittany Thayer (Bethlehem)


Men’s Artistic 
Level 1

9 & Under

  1. Daniel Eichberg (Montgomery) 
  2. Sai Vellapalem
  3. Elijah Millington (Bethlehem) 


  1. Chase Rummel (Lebanon)
  2. Ben Greenwood (Montgomery)


  1. Jeremy DeBrest (Philadelphia)
  2. David Norris (Philadelphia)


  1. Shawn Moton (Philadelphia)
  2. Michael Paulinski (Montgomery)
  3. Ryan Taylor (Montgomery)
  4. Brian Smith (Bethlehem)
Level 2

14 & Under

  1. Anthony Skirzenski (Lebanon)
  2. Luke Jones (Philadelphia)
  3. Aaron Arnold (Montgomery)

15 +

  1. Joseph Polizzi (Montgomery)
Level 3
  1. Christian White (Montgomery)


Women’s Artistic
Level 1

13 & Under

  1. Kyrie Troche (Bethlehem)
  2. Vanessa Bonowitz (Montgomery)
  3. Sarah Drinen  (Philadelphia) 

14 – 15

  1. Amerie Aldridge (Montgomery)
  2. Sara Mills (Montgomery)
  3. Gigi Accooe  (Philadelphia)
  4. Jasmin Marin (Philadelphia) 
Level 2

18 & Under

  1. Hanna Gremo* (Montgomery)
  2. Abigail Woodling (Montgomery)
  3. Amber Sobiesiak (Lebanon)


  1. Zarrah Vitale (Bethlehem)
  2. Danielle Ditzler (Lebanon)
  3. Aubrey Tillman  (Philadelphia) 
Level 3
  1. Megan Murphy  (Philadelphia)
  2. Danielle Dixon (Bethlehem)
  3. Shannon Delmar (Montgomery)
  4. Kara Devlin (Montgomery)


*USA Games Athlete