2017 Summer Games

Special Olympics Pennsylvania held their 2017 Summer Games between Thursday, June 1st, and Saturday, June 3rd at Penn Sate University. Philadelphia sent a delegation of 103 athletes and coaches to compete in Aquatics, Athletics, Basketball, Bowling, Gymnastics. Our delegation included 3 basketball teams, comprising of 32 basketball athletes, 2 basketball skills athletes, 11 swimmers, two gymnasts, 24 athletics athletes,  and 3 bowlers. We will be sending 10 basketball coaches, 5 aquatics coaches, 6 athletics coaches, 2 coaches and 2 Head of Delegations. To start the games, our athletes were escorted into Opening Ceremonies by Penn State Athletes as they made their way to their seats in Medler Field. After opening ceremonies it was off to bed to rest for competition. Most of our athletes were there with one goal in mind – to make Team PA for the 2018 USA Games that will be held in Seattle, Washington from July 1 – 6. For a chance to be selected for Team PA, an athlete needs to receive a gold medal in an event that we have an allocation for. The 2018 USA Games qualifying sports at the 2017 Summer Games were aquatics, athletics, bowling, golf, gymnastics (artistic), basketball, and tennis. Our athletes had their eyes on the prize as they gave it their all in the sport to secure a gold and hopefully a place on Team PA. When the weekend was over and the medals were given out, not all of our athletes took home gold, but they all gave a gallant effort and showed that hard work does pay off.

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2017 Summer Games Photos by Dane Hildebrand



Raymond Anderson50M Walk:16.722nd Place
 100M Walk:43.264th Place
 Softball Throw25263rd Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 21:33.554th Place
Porsha Blake50M Walk:20.321st Place
 100M Walk:44.046th Place
 Softball Throw11572nd Place
Michael Castillo100M Run:18.587th Place
 100M Walk:47.441st Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4Kg5075th Place
Keith Collins50M Walk:30.713rd Place
 100M Walk:57.143rd Place
 Softball Throw18641st Place
Desmond Corley100M Run:14.626th Place
 200M Run:30.724th Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4KgDQ 
Michael Earland100M Run:15.133rd Place
 200M Run:30.384th Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4Kg5161st Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 11:06.632nd Place
Eddie Glover25M Walk:15.742nd Place
 50M Walk:35.021st Place
 Softball Throw14451st Place
Tyrell Hargrave100M Run:15.302nd Place
 200M Run:34.811st Place
 Longjump2171st Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 21:33.554th Place
Kendall Harris-Burton100M Run:14.724th Place
 200M Run:31.076th Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4KgDQ 
Wesley Hicks50M Walk:22.021st Place
 100M Walk:43.801st Place
 Softball Throw9592nd Place
John Kulpa100M Run:15.941st Place
 200M Run:33.142nd Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4Kg7526th Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 11:06.632nd Place
Tracey McGarvey25M Walk:14.841st Place
 50M Walk:27.124th Place
 Softball Throw16742nd Place
Andrianna Nieves100M Run:19.232nd Place
 200M Run:40.133rd Place
 Shotput – Women’s 2.72Kg2686th Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 11:06.632nd Place
Tamika Newkirk100M Run:18.744th Place
 200M Run:37.441st Place
 Shotput – Women’s 2.72Kg2904th Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 21:33.554th Place
Aida Helen Ortiz100M Walk:45.142nd Place
Tyreek Perkins100M Run:13.441st Place
 200M RunDQ 
 Longjump2504th Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 11:06.632nd Place
Sharon Quarles50M Walk:19.921st Place
 100M Walk:36.443rd Place
 Softball Throw11731st Place
Eugene Riley50M Walk:16.721st Place
 100M Walk:30.812nd Place
 Softball Throw19821st Place
James Shelton100M Run:34.456th Place
 100M Walk1:01.245th Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4KgDQ 
Sadika Smith100M Run:17.533rd Place
 200M RunDQ 
Sheila Stevens50M Walk:20.321st Place
 100M Wak:35.842nd Place
 Softball Throw8001st Place
Michael Walker100M Walk:30.781st Place
 400M Walk2:37.922nd Place
 Shotput – Men’s 4Kg5922nd Place
 4x100M Relay, Team 21:33.554th Place
Emmett Abdo25M Freestyle:27.562nd Place
 50M Freestyle1:06.434th Place
 50M Backstroke1:46.312nd Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 25:34.271st Place
Joseph Barut25M Freestyle:36.446th Place
 50M Freestyle1:02.254th Place
 50M Backstroke1:48.606th Place
Ian Capacio800M Freestyle  
 200M Butterfly3:12.501st Place
 200M Individual Medley3:18.061st Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 1DQ 
Katelyn Joyce200M Freestyle5:21.814th Place
 100M BackstrokeDQ 
 50M Butterfly1:31.822nd Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 25:34.271st Place
Heather Lutts100M Freestyle3:12.536th Place
 50M Breaststroke1:50.561st Place
 25M Butterfly:51.431st Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 25:34.271st Place
Jackie Lutts50M Freestyle:50.813rd Place
 100M Freestyle1:58.752nd Place
 50M Backstroke1:02.941st Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 1DQ 
Brian Meehan100M Freestyle2:07.622nd Place
 100M Backstroke2:24.572nd Place
 25M Breaststroke:38.083rd Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 1DQ 
Katie Moore400M Freestyle9:59.591st Place
 100M Butterfly2:31.442nd Place
 200M Individual Medley4:57.311st Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 25:34.271st Place
Anthony Powell25M Freestyle:58.932nd Place
 25M Backstroke:56.282nd Place
 25M Butterfly:51.121st Place
Jesse Rose400M Freestyle9:14.502nd Place
 200M Backstroke4:34.121st Place
 100M Butterfly2:44.373rd Place
 4x50M Relay, Team 1DQ 
Philly BallersDerrell Sutton, Matthew Everett, Carl Irvis, Corey Sweet, Daniel Charlton, Charlie Zisette, Derrick Jackson, Joshua Harris, Brian Stulz, Jason BixbyRyan Milaniak4th Place
Philly BlazersJoshua Gaskin, Ronald Atkins Jr, Samuel Fioravanti Jr, Matthew Beckman, William Strauser, Miguel Lebron, Allison Rutizer, Ernest Swanson, Daniel Amrik, Anthony GrossWalt Beckman4th Place
Philly RebelsLavar Gladden, Anthony Glanigan, Davon Clements, Demetrius LeFlore, Abdul Muhammad, Derrick Self, Kenneth Lamont, Michael Henderson, Denzel McFadden, Christopher RayWill Holman4th Place
Basketball – individual skills
Patrick Kulic2nd Place
Bowling – Singles
Teddy Angerman12662nd Place
Michael DiAntonio13381st Place
Michael Younkers13592nd Place


Gymnastics – Artistic
Meghan MurphyFloor Exercise2nd Place
 Balance Beam1st Place
 Uneven Bars1st Place
 Vault1st Place
 All-Around1st Place
Luke JonesFloor Exercise1st Place
 Pommal Horse1st Place
 Rings2nd Place
 Vault1st Place
 Parallel Bars1st Place
 High Bar1st Place
 All-Around1st Place