A Chilly Leprechaun Run Warms Hearts

A Chilly Leprechaun Run Warms Hearts of Special Olympics Pennsylvania Philadelphia athletes and participants. The 2017 Leprechaun Run presented by TMNA Services was held on Saturday, March 11th at MLK Drive starting by the Philadelphia Museum of Art. As runners arrived, the temperature was already a chilly 20 degrees. The cold weather didn’t stop over 750 participants from coming out to partake in this St. Patrick’s Day tradition. 

The program before the race was kicked off by the Celtic Flame School of Irish who performed a traditional Irish dance for spectators. After a few short words from the Director of Special Olympics PA, Philadelphia, Britt Kleine, and VP of Development for Special Olympics PA, Eric Cushing, the running portion was about to start! The Lucky 7-Mile Race launched for the first time as it started alongside the Classic 5-Mile Race. Shortly after our racers took the course, our 2-Mile Fun Run/Walk participants headed for the course. As our Leprechaun Chasers finished, they were greeted by warm Philadelphia Pretzel Factory pretzels, Bai beverages, bananas, and water. After all the numbers were added up, the 2017 Leprechaun Run raised close to $40,000 for athletes right here in Philadelphia!

Thank you to all of our participants who attended this year’s race – we can’t wait to see you next year! HUGE thank you to all of our volunteers who made this race run smoothly; we hope to see you at more of our events! 

Award Winners

Lucky 7-Mile Race
  Female   Male  
  Name Time Name Time
Overall 1st Kimberly Hoffman :49:22 Brian Elliot :40:04
Overall 2nd Samantha Snyder :52:10 Connell McCall :41:20
Overall 3rd Jackie McGonigle :53:47 David Berger :41:55
13 and Under        
14-19 Caroline Sindoni :52.01 Jimmy Canuso :44:39
20-29 Sarah Deck :53:54 Steven Burkholder :54:02
30-39 Deanne Bernard :57:03 Parker Kitterman :45:26
40-49 Nicole Blum :57:04 Pat Cavalieri :49:29
50-59 Angela Scharschan 1:06:27 Joseph Manion :48:11
60+ Pamela Pfister 1:08:26 Andy Green :49:48
Classic 5-Mile Race
  Female   Male  
Overall 1st Taylor Smucker :36:26 Tom O’Leary :31:44
Overall 2nd Dianna O’Hara :39:23 Neil Somers :32:39
Overall 3rd Kat Cavitti :39:46 TJ Martin :32:43
13 and Under Ava Gaspari 1:00:20 Jakob Riz :40:14
14-19 Caritlyn Clark :43:18 Peter Dolan :46:39
20-29 Amy Schurer :40:48 Bryan Herbst :30:25
30-39 Krystina Faillace :40:23 Matt McCartan :34:10
40-49 Susanna Simer :40:23 Jason Kitchen :33:49
50-59 Maria Francomacaro :47:22 Bill Hennegan :34:30
60+ N/A   Tony Wojciechowski :43:47

* Participants are eligible to win one award

All Results


Thank you to our 2017 Leprechaun Run Sponsors!

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