2017 Philadelphia IUS Bocce Championship

On Thursday, March 9th, 24 Philadelphia Unified Bocce Teams met to see who would be moving on to the PIAA State Championships in Hershey, Pennsylvania. Eight teams from all over Pennsylvania will advance to the PIAA State Championships, held at the Giant Center. One school from each county will advance, and schools looking to advance include six from Alleghany, 8 from Beaver, 2 from Area M, 10 from Delaware, 2 from Montgomery, 1 from Bradford, 6 from Slippery Rock, and 8 from Philadelphia. In Philadelphia, the schools looking to move on are Abraham Lincoln High School, Creative and Performing Arts High School, George Washington, School of the Future, Hill Freedman, Parkway West, South Philadelphia High School, and Thomas Edison High School. 

The morning started at 10:00 am with Opening Ceremonies. Director of Philadelphia, Britt Kleine, kicked things off and introduced special guests Philadelphia School District’s Director of Heath, Safety and Physical Education, Bettyann Creighton, Abraham Lincoln High School’s Principal, Jack Nelson, and Special Olympics Pennsylvania‘s President and CEO, Matthew Aaron. Matt Aaron talked about how Capitol Hill Day, where he spoke with many government officials about the Unified movement and the Philadelphia IUS Bocce Championships. The students were inspired that not only were they living a small part of this movement, but that it was gaining national attention!

After the Abraham Lincoln High School JROTC had presented the colors, the  Abraham Lincoln High School Brass Musicians led by Mr. Lawler and Mr. Herrmann gave a lively rendition of the National Anthem.

Abraham Lincoln Bocce Coach, Mike Turchi, led the coaches in the Special Olympics Coach’s Oath. Afterward, it was time for the athletes and partners to receipt their oath. State UYC Representatives Sabrina McLean and Julie Matthew from George Washington High School lead the athletes and partners in the Athlete Oath of, “Let me win. If I cannot win, let me be brave in the attempt”.

Before the games could begin, Abraham Lincoln High School athlete and partner, Joshua Manni and Kenny Brough had to open the games. With excitement from the crowd, Joshua and Kenny declared the 2017 Unified Bocce Championship officially open!



 PW1 (6) v GW3 (1)

AL1 (11) v HF1 (1)

 GW1 (3) v PW2 (5)

CAPA2 (8) v PW3 (4)

GW2 (10) v SOF3 (1) 

CAPA1 (1) v SP3 (5)

AL3 (2) v SP2 (5)

TE2 (5) v SOF1 (2)


GW3 (3) v TE1 (11)

PW2 (4) v HF1 (5)

PW3 (9) v AL2 (1)

CAPA 2 (8) v SOF2 (12)

SOF3 (3) v SP1 (5)

SP3(3) v HF2 (4)

SP2 (2) v TE2 (7)

SOF1 (8) v AL3 (1)


TE1 (7) v PW1 (2)

AL1 (4) v GW1 (7)

AL2 (4) v SOF2 (6)


SP1 (1)  v GW2 (8)

HF2 (3) v CAPA1 (5)

Semi Finals 

TE1 (0) v GW1 (12)

AL1 (4) v PW1 (3)


SF2 (4) v SP1 (1)

GW2 (6) v CAPA2 (1) 


SP3 (1) v SOF1 (4) 

TE2 (7) v HF2 (4) 


GW1 (8) v AL1 (7)

TE1 (1) v PW1 (4)


SF2 v GW2 

SP1 (6) v CAPA 2 (3)

  TE2 (3) v SOF1 (1) 

HF2 (10) v SP3 (0) 

Abraham Lincoln High School (AL), Creative & Performing Arts (CAPA), George Washington High School (GW), Hill Freedman (HF), Parkway West (PW), School of the Future (SOF), South Philadelphia High School (SP), and Thomas Edison High School (TE)

Congratulations to all teams for playing your performing your best!


Blue Division
Red Division
Green Division
  1. George Washington 1
  2. Abraham Lincoln 1
  3. Parkway West 1
  4. Thomas Edison 1
  5. Parkway West 2
  6. Hill Freedman 1
  7. George Washington 3
  1. Geroge Washington 2
  2. School of the Future 2
  3. South Philadelphia 1
  4. Creative & Performing Arts 2
  5. Parkway West 3
  6. Abraham Lincoln 2
  7. School of the Future 3
  1. Thomas Edison 3
  2. School of the Future 1
  3. Hill Freedman 2
  4. South Philadelphia 3
  5. South Philadelphia 2
  6. Creative & Performing Arts 1
  7. Abraham Lincoln 3


George Washington Team 1, George Washington Team 2, and Thomas Edison Team 3 were placed into a hat and one was selected to advance to the PIAA State Bocce Championship. George Washington 2 was selected! Congratulations to George Washington Team 2 for advancing!