28th Annual Bowling Tournament

119 athletes from all around Philadelphia met at Erie Lanes on Sunday, March 26th for the 28th Annual Bowling Tournament. Five bowling teams took over the 48 bowling lanes at Erie Lanes. Athlete, Sharon Quarles helped kick things off as she emceed Opening Ceremonies along with Special Guest, Joe Conklin. Each team participated in the Parade of Athletes and stood shoulder-to-shoulder on the bowling lanes. Our athletes lined up spanned almost the full alley! Colors were presented by Frankford JROTC as the national anthem played on a track. Then the moment everyone waits for is the carrying in of the Flame of Hope. Christopher Sferra carried in the Flame of Hope and walked down the 48 lanes at Erie Lanes to ensure everyone could see the Flame of Hope. 

Everyone was looking sharp in their bowling uniforms, but South Philadelphia athletes had an extra special part of their uniform as they all donned purple ribbons. The reason for these ribbons is that two athletes’ fathers passed away right at the start of the bowling season. Because of this, the coaches and athletes at this site decided to dedicate this bowling season in memory of the two fathers who passed. The two athletes and mothers were very touched by the thoughtfulness of keeping their fathers’ memory alive and we are sure that both fathers are looking down on their athletes and the South Philadelphia program with smiles on their faces. 

After Opening Ceremonies, competition began and Erie Lanes got loud with many strikes and spares. Cheers came from proud family members and volunteers keeping score. After competition was complete, athletes were awarded at their lanes and got a lunch to take home. Thank you to everyone who made this event a huge success and good luck to those athletes and coaches going on to the Eastern Bowling Sectional!

Athletes Competing:

Bowling Ally/Team
V&F Lanes Barbara Guyton

Christine Guyton,  Armand Garcia, Wesley Hicks, Carl Irvis, Thomas Miller, Shawn Moton, Kyle Sheaff, Elijah Williams, Kendall Battles, Stephon Price-Wright

Erie Lanes Miguel Diaz (Head), William Tews (Asst), Marian Zakrocki (Asst) & Rachael Santiago (Asst) Ray Anderson, Gina Anderson, Keith Collins, Manny Cook, April Crompton, Michael Czekaj, Marlene Johnson, John Kulpa, Sara Lyons, Adrianna Nieves, Tyreek Perkins, Sharon Quarles, Eugene Riley, Jeremiah Spruill, Sheila Stevens, Ed Zakrocki
South Philadelphia Wildcats Gino Caporale Sr, Bobby Capocci, Gino Caporale Jr, Sal Fellicetti, Mark Moss, Kevin McGlinchey, Alfonso Pedulla

Victoria Amaradio, Michael Caporale, Michael DiAntonio, Kevin Domard, Christian Fantazzi, Matthew Flood, James Fratantoni, Brianna Cimini, Maria Guarino, Joseph Keyser, Izzy Kurtz, Nicky Lynch, Jasmin Marin, Domini Mecca, Bianca Pedulla, Corbin Petrowsky, Luciano Procopio, Tristian Richetti, Dante Rodgers, June Ruffenach, Briana Saunders, Christopher Sferra, C.J. Voegtle, Michael Voegtle, Michael Williams, Jalen Zhang, Michael Younkers

Thunderbird Lanes I Mary Ellen Zisette (Head), Linda Lehr (Asst),  Mary Ellen Marshall (Asst), Fran Karcher (Asst), Debbie Esposito (Asst), Mike Ziegler (Asst), Carolyn Driscoll (Asst), Joan Stulz (Asst), Ron DeNofa (Asst)

John Abbott, Teddy Angerman, Lisa Barbour, Ryan Bogan, Kristyn Cantres, Ian Capacio, Danny Charlton, James Costello, Jamie Curry, Stephan Dacyna, Genine DeNofa, Christina DiVergilis, Michael Esposito, Chris Feltwell, Vincent Filograna, Paul Fischer, Irwin Fox, Pam Galone, Meghan Garlick, Mitchell Gaskins, Matt Grabowski, Kevin Karcher, Robert Lehr, Mike Marshall, Stephen McGarry, John Mitchell, Katie Moore, Michael Mullin, Michael O’Donnell, Jessie Rose, Charles Rueter, Allison Rutizer, Alivia Sciarra, Brian Stulz, Kristie Walls, Jennifer Wetzel, Joseph Yerkes, Bryan Ziegler, Charles Zisette Jr., Kelly Dluzniewski, Eddie Glover, Stanley Dluzniewski, Brenndin Lagomarsino

Thunderbird Lanes II Gennie Devlin (Head), Stan Barndt (Asst) Jeremy Atkins, Russell Barndt, Christine Benoit, Lydia Berger, Kaitlin Berkauzer, Michael Castillo, Christina Comerford, Andre Daniel, William Devlin Jr., Jeffrey Dornblaser, Robert Duffy, Kelsey Grindrod, Matthew Kosman, Joseph Lestochi, Marcus Montgomery, Jenna Morse, Erin Murphy, Lamont Royals, Angie Smith, William Strauser, Kevin Turowski, Kayla Walter, Brent Williams



Irwin Fox, Elijah Williams, Trevor Thompson, Katie Moore, Kaitlin Berkavzer, Mitchell Gaskins, Michael DiAnotnio, Victoria Amaradio, Shawn Moton, Alivia Sciarra, Christian Fantazzi, Jeremy Atkins, Michael Younkers, Matthew Flood, June Ruffenach, Michael Voegtle, Robert Duffy, Meghan Garlick, Charles Zisette, William Strausser, Jenna Morse, Charles Rueter, Ryan Bogan, Michael Esposito, Matthew Grabowski, Manny Cook, David Brent Williams, James Curry, Ian Capacio, Pam Galone, Andre Daniel, Joseph Lestochi, Kyle Sheaff, Teddy Angerman
Christina DiVergilis, Sharon Quarles, Lisa Barbour, John Mitchell, Joseph Keyser, Angie Smith, Jeremiah Spruill, Tyrell Hargrave, Kevin Domard, Adrianna Nieves, Christopher Sferra, Marlen Johnson, Kirstyn Cantres, Marcus Montgomery, Dante Rodgers, Jasmin Marin, Izaay Kurtz, Edmund Zakrocki, William Devlin, MAtthew Kossman, Brian Stulz, Russell Barndt, Vincent Filograna, April Crompton, Raymond Anderson, Daniel Charlton, Kayla Walter, Kevin Karcher, James Costello, Brenndin LaGomarsino, Kelsey Grindrod, Sheila Stevens, Eddie Glover, Kelly Dluzniewski, Michael Castillo
Joseph Yerkes, Christine Benoit, Stanley Dluzniewski, Keith Collins, Allison Ruitizer, Genine DeNofa, Luciano Procopio, Thomas Miller, CJ Voegtle, Briana Saunders, Briana Cimini, Bianca Pedulla, Kendall Battles, Jeffrey Dornblaster, Christina Comerford, John Kulpa, Michael O’Donnell, Paul Fischer, Robert Lehr, Chrisotpher Feltwell, Kristie Walls, Stephen Dacyna, Eugene Riley, Jennifer Wetzel, Steven McGarry, Jesse Rose, Gina Anderson, Bryan Ziegler



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