2016 Summer Games

The 47th annual Special Olympics Pennsylvania Summer Games took place from June 2-4 at Penn State University. The 2016 Summer Games might have been a rainy, but that did not wipe the smiles off of the athlete’s faces.   Over the course of three days, athletes competed in sports such as aquatics, athletics, basketball, bowling, equestrian, golf, gymnastics, softball and tennis.  With over 2,000 athletes, 800 coaches, and 2,500 volunteers this event was a success.  

Competitions began Thursday with preliminary rounds.  Later that night Opening Ceremonies kicked off the weekend.  Players from the Penn State Football team pumped up the crowd to begin the ceremony and made sure every individual in the arena was on their feet having the time of their life.  Even Sue Paterno joined in on the dancing! Opening Ceremonies featured speeches from the President and CEO of Special Olympics PA, Matthew Aaron, and Special Olympics PA Senior Vice President of Programming, Clare Walsh Miller, and a couple of athletes eager to share their enthusiasm for the upcoming competitions.

At the conclusion of Opening Ceremonies, the Flame of Hope was brought in by The Law Enforcement Torch Run which began at PNC Park in Pittsburg and traveled 150 miles over three days to end at the Opening Ceremonies in the Pegula Ice Arena. The torch was lead by ten motorcycles came in with their sirens and lights on, as the crowd roared.  With help from law enforcement officials, athlete Kyle Zurns, lit the torch, and the games officially began!

After a spectacular Opening Ceremonies, competition kicked off Friday as early as 8 a.m. and athletes began to receive medals that they would remember for a lifetime.  Athletes got to interact and socialize with Penn State athletes during their competition and were even awarded by these wonderful student athletes. Throughout the course of the games, Healthy Athlete programs were offered around the campus.  In Pollock Commons fitness, eye, ear, dental, and dietary health screenings were provided free of charge for our athletes.  In addition, at certain venues during competitions, staff offered information about healthy eating habits as well as healthy snack options to athletes and their families.

A fun filled weekend came to an end with closing ceremonies on Saturday with the presentation of the Sheetz Family Award of Excellence.  James Fry from Columbia/Montour was the winner and raised his new gold trophy high to show everyone around.  His smile was contagious and had everyone smiling with him as they left Penn State.



Raymond Anderson 50M Walk :16.80 Participation
  100M Walk :39.50 3rd Place
  Shotput 906 1st Place
Porsha Blake 50M Walk :19.70 1st Place
  100M Walk :44.50 1st Place
  Softball Throw 1260 3rd Place
Keith Collins 25M Walk :11.50 1st Place
  50M Walk :31.10 1st Place
  100M Walk :49.90 2nd Place
Desmond Corley 100M Run :14.52 2nd Place
  200M Run :31.08 4th Place
  Long Jump 177 5th Place
Tyrell Hargrave 100M Run :15.01 1st Place
  200M Run :30.09 1st Place
  Long Jump 222 3rd Place
John Kulpa 100M Run :15.88 6th Place
  4x100M Relay 01:13.3 1st Place
  Shotput 769 2nd Place
Tamika Newkirk 50M Run :08.90 1st Place
  Softball Throw 1365 1st Place
Adrianna Nieves 100M Run :19.10 1st Place
  200M Run :42.50 1st Place
  4x100M Relay 01:13.3 1st Place
  Shotput 197 1st Place
Tyreek Perkins 100M Run :14.10 5th Place
  200M Run :29.12 1st Place
  4x100M Relay 01:13.3 1st Place
  Long Jump 387 2nd Place
Sharon Quarles 25M Walk :07.30 1st Place
  50M Walk :17.40 1st Place
  Softball Throw 1301 2nd Place
Eugene Riley 100M Walk :29.80 1st Place
  400M Walk 02:55.0 1st Place
  Softball Throw 2243 2nd Place
Sadika Smith 100M Run :18.10 3rd Place
  200M Run :38.30 4th Place
  Shotput 329 2nd Place
Sheila Stevens 25M Walk :08.70 Participation
  50M Walk :28.60 3rd Place
  Softball Throw 592 2nd Place
Michael Walker 100M Walk :29.60 3rd Place
  400M Walk 02:38.0 2nd Place
  Shotput 514 3rd Place


Kelsey Greenwald 25M Backstroke 32.37 5th Place
  100M Freestyle 1.46.67 2nd Place
  200M Freestyle 4:06.58 3rd Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 5:18.72 2nd Place
Joseph Barut 25M Backstroke 48.43 2nd Place
  25M Freestyle 33.91 4th Place
  50M Freestyle 1:20.97 3rd Place
Katelyn Joyce 25M Breaststroke 45.34 2nd Place
  100M Backstroke 2:47.15 2nd Place
  100M Freestyle 2:45.18 7th Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 5:18.72 2nd Place
Shane O’Neill 50M Backstroke 59.28 1st Place
  100M Freestyle 2:07.57 4th Place
  400M Freestyle 10:42.06 1st Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 3.26.03 1st Place
Jackie Lutts 50M Backstroke 1:09.06 3rd Place
  50M Freestyle 49.38 1st Place
  100M Freestyle 1:52.89 2nd Place
Heather Lutts 50M Breaststroke 1:53.50 1st Place
  50M Freestyle 1:11.08 3rd Place
  100M Freestyle 2:53.93 8th Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 5:18.72 2nd Place
Katie Moore 100M Breaststroke 2:34.89 3rd Place
  200M Individual Medley 4:47.06 2nd Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 5:18.72 2nd Place
  800M Freestyle 21.01.09 2nd Place
Jesse Rose 100M Breaststroke 2:35.12 4th Place
  200M Backstroke 4:17.77 2nd Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 3:26.03 1st Place
  800M Freestyle 18.42.32 1st Place
Meghan Garlick 100M Freestyle 1:47.87 2nd Place
  200M Backstroke 4:35.41 1st Place
  200M Individual Medley 4:22.25 4th Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 3.26.03 1st Place
Ian Capacio 200M Backstroke 4:28.47 4th Place
  200M Individual Medley 3:30.89 1st Place
  4x50M Medley Relay 3:26.03 1st Place
  800M Freestyle 13:13.55 1st Place
Team Phusion    
Marlene Johnson Bowling Singles 1st Place


Luke Jones All Around  2nd Place  
Megan Murphy   All Around 1st Place