2009 Eastern Bowling Sectional

On Saturday, April 4, 19 athletes represented Special Olympics Philadelphia at the 2009 Eastern Bowling Sectional. The Bowling Sectional took place at Mountain View and Parkway Lanes in Allentown, PA. It was a chilly day outside, but inside our athletes were heating it up as they bowled spares and strikes!

2009 Eastern Bowling Sectional Results:

April Crompton, Christina Piascik, Edmund Zakrocki
2nd Place
Michael Esposito, Tyrell Hargrave, Rachel Santiago, Sheila Stevens, William Tews
3rd Place
Raymond Anderson, Keith Collins, Desmond Corley, John Kulpa, James Majors, Agnela Smith 
4th Place
Ryan Bogan, Emmanuel Cook, Rosemary Furlong, Vernon Mayfield
7th Place
Michael O’Donnell