53 Flights of Stairs.

4 Challenges. 1 Cause.

November 16, 2014 – BNY Mellon Center, Philadelphia

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Event overview

Special Olympics athletes face challenges every day, but that doesn’t stop them from shining both on and off the playing field. Step Up for Special Olympics will give you a taste of what it’s like to face a challenge, even if only for 53 flights of stairs…

Last year the Step Up event raised $25,000 for Special Olympics Philadelphia! Let’s see if we can step it up to another level this year!

NEW THIS YEAR: The Ultimate CrossClimb Cup TEAM Challenge!! Taking CrossFit competition to another level and prove your box is the best around! Teams of four (2 males and 2 females) are accepting this challenge proving they are the toughest and all for a great cause – Special Olympics Philadelphia!

Step Up features four main challenges with a couple additional sub-challenges, which challenge will you accept? Participants choose one challenge option (click the Challenge icons for more information).


StairClimb Test your speed straight up 53 flights of stairs. Participants are chip-timed and eligible for prizes.
FunClimb Tackle the stairs at your own pace. Participants will not be timed and will start the ascent after the StairClimb Challengers. Great option for kids, and groups or teams! (Schools, Greek Life, Corporate, Sports, etc)
CrossClimb  As if a 53-story climb is not tough enough, why not tack on a CrossFit workout before making your way up? New this year in addition to the individual Cross Climb workout, there will be the Ultimate CrossClimb  Cup Challenge for CrossFit teams of four! CrossClimb challenges will offer some incredible rewards for top finishers.
Picture3 Our BONUS challenge for anyone looking for a little extra stair time…participants will have 1 hour to complete the climb up 53 flights of stairs as many times as possible.



Below are answers to some of our most frequently asked questions…

1. Where does Step Up take place?
Step Up takes place at the BNY Mellon Center in Philadelphia. The address of the building is 1735 Market Street.

2. Can you explain a bit more about the fundraising option for the registration fee?
The registration fee to participate in one of the Step Up Challenges is $53. You can either pay that upfront, or fundraise to achieve a minimum of $53. If you choose to fundraise, you’ll get an email from us within 24 hours (usually much, much faster!) to show you how to create your own personal, secure, online fundraising page. You can also collect cash and checks (made out to Special Olympics Pennsylvania) and turn those “offline” funds in on event day.

3. Are there any fundraising incentives?
Yes! If you decide to go above and beyond the $53 minimum, you can earn some cool incentives (and help Special Olympics even more!). Stay tuned for more information on this year’s awesome incentives! The levels are listed below.

  • If you raise $100, you’ll get a …
  • If you raise $250, you’ll earn a …
  • If you raise $500, you’ll earn a …

4. Can my friends and I sign up as a team?
Sure! Just be sure to enter in the same Team Name during the registration process. Members of your team can choose to do different challenges, but you can all fundraise together. If you all choose to do the RelayClimb Challenge you’ll spread out the stairs and tackle them together (the RelayClimb is not timed).

Got another question? Email us at and we’ll get it answered!



The 2014 even schedule has not been made available. Please continue to check back closer to the event for these details!


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