Yoga After Practice

On Saturday, October 14th, the Young Professionals Committee (YPC) hosted a 30-minute yoga class after a Special Olympics PA- Philadelphia volleyball practice in the first of their new “Yoga After Practice” series!  Registered yoga teacher, Chelsea DiMascio of Media, PA led the athletes through some helpful stretches and poses at the Cecil B. Moore recreation center in Philadelphia. DiMascio teaches at Ridley Sports Club every Thursday and some Saturdays.  DiMascio started the class by explaining the benefits of yoga, specifically how it is very important to stretch before and after exercising.  She also explained that yoga can be a very beneficial relaxation tool, and that is also great for your posture.  DiMascio then started the movement portion of the class, where she demonstrated a variety of standing and sitting poses along the way.  The class flowed seamlessly, and each athlete did an awesome job with each pose.  “Puppy pose,” “tree pose,” and some great leg stretches were among the favorites.  The flexibility in the room was quite impressive!  After class, DiMascio opened up the floor so the athletes could ask questions, and one of them was, “when are you coming back to do yoga with us again?”  The athletes’ feedback was that it was a very relaxing class, and that they will do many of the stretches on their own going forward.  We ended with a group photo.  Overall, it was a very successful YPC event that we hope to do again many times in the future!