Shari Williams, Community Outreach Manager, Marcellus Shale Coalition

Shari Williams has over 16 years of experience as a Public Relations professional, working on educational campaigns focused on energy and utility issues. As a Senior Communications Specialist, she has worked to   organize and build consumer networks nationally as well as across Pennsylvania.  She utilizes her skills and talents in numerous successful entrepreneurial venturesas well working with small businesses and female owned companies. In addition, she turned her 10 year professional modeling experience working with designers and high fashion boutiques into ShaShaGlam; a small business in which she created a line of beauty and body products for women.

Committed to community, Shari spends time networking – connecting people, places, products and services with charitable organizations and creating opportunities for learning, growth and development.  She emphasizes women’s issues and spends time helping women to be empowered and confident.

As Community Outreach Manager, Shari continues to educate, inform, engage and work with the community in an effort to provide sustainable and broad-based economic growth, create jobs and ensure energy-security benefits for all.